Monday, June 9, 2014

Two Months!

 At 2 months old, Hudson weighs 13.2 lbs!  He loves to smile & adores ceiling fans.  He will stare at one until some kind soul will turn it on for him.  He's not quite laughing yet, but is getting close.  He holds his head great & even stands on his own-so long as someone is holding his hands.  Not much bothers him, unless of course he is strapped in his car seat & you're not going fast.  Apparently boys are born with a need for speed... He is sleeping an average of 7 hours at night.  Hudson is such a joy!  We're often told how "lucky" we are.  We consider ourselves blessed.  God has truly given us double for our trouble in Hudson.

Hudson was not a huge fan of having to get shots at his 2 month checkup.  If the truth be told, his mom was near break down, too.  So hard to see him upset!

Thankfully, he quickly got over it.

We thank God for a healthy, happy, & growing boy!


Anonymous said...

He's a doll!!!

Marie said...

So happy to see you with a baby to hold again, He is beautiful and what a head full of hair, You have the most wonderful look of happiness on your face, Enjoy that sweet baby , Marie