Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pregnancy Update

Wow!  These last few months have been the busiest yet!  My husband and I closed on our first house last November.  The previous owners are building a new one, and had been renting the house from us for 3 months.  They moved out a week sooner than expected, and the whole situation has been such a God "thing".  We had been praying and searching(and waiting!) for just the right house to cross our path.  This one meets all of our needs and our wants!  We're totally feeling God's Hand in our lives.  He has blessed us beyond belief.  Needless to say, the month of February was hectic.  It was filled with the big move, 4 baby showers(thrown by very generous family & friends), maternity pictures, and doctor appointments.  We're all settled in now, and awaiting our peanut's arrival.

I had a total of 3 separate ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy, and at each one Hudson refused to give a glimpse of his whole face.  His hand was up by his face on all occasions!  I can appreciate the fact that he knows what he likes.  :)  He is measuring "perfectly" at each appointment.  At 37ish weeks, I was dilated to 3cm and 70% effaced.  We're hoping he comes any day now.

Over the last 5 years, I had no idea if I would ever be at this place today.  This place of joy, peace, hope, and longings fulfilled.  I can't say that I was the most patient of Jesus followers this whole time, but I can say that He is faithful...even with my imperfections.  It is my prayer that if you're someone who is in the "waiting" stage of life, that this post will refresh your hope.  Jesus can make all things new!  Nothing is excluded or too far gone for Him to repair, restore, and replenish.  All the glory to God for His faithfulness and this season of abundant blessing He has us in!

Here's a picture catch up:

*Maternity Photo Credit:  Julie Plain Photography

Thank you so much for all of your prayers!  They have certainly been felt! 


RC said...

I came across your blog shortly after you lost Dylan and have been a reader since. I'm so happy for you and your husband. Prayers for Hudson's (sweet name!) safe arrival. May you have countless years of blessings and happiness. :)

melissa78 said...

I am so happy for you!! I have been waiting for an update and so glad to have logged on today to see your adorable maternity pictures. Thanks for sharing!
I cannot wait to see pictures of Hudson and the new house!

Amy Brant said...

I have been reading your blog since Dylan was born. I can't tell you how glad I am that you have found such a wonderful, supportive husband and are welcoming a sweet little brother to Dylan. I check your blog about once a week to see if you've updated (I'm not a stalker, I run a prayer blog :) ) and I am happy to see your update today. Praying God's blessings on you and yours, can't wait to hear the great news that Hudson has arrived!

Missy said...

I have been stalking your blog the past few days knowing this was the month. Praying all goes well! Keep letting your light shine and sharing God's testimony in your life. Your story is one of hope and faithfulness.

Tamara said...

I am so very happy for you! I was so happy to see a new post from you today. You look so beautiful and so happy!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful!

Your words were just what I needed to hear today.
"It is my prayer that if you're someone who is in the "waiting" stage of life, that this post will refresh your hope. Jesus can make all things new! Nothing is excluded or too far gone for Him to repair, restore, and replenish."
I found out last week that my husband has been leading a double life of women and drugs for several years. We just had our third baby 11 weeks ago. Thank you for giving me hope that God has amazing things in store for me yet.

Marie said...

So happy for you and your pictures are beautiful, congratulations on the new home, God Bless