Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Love Story

It started in February of 2011.  I had just begun the adventure of being a hairstylist at a new-to-me salon.  Switching employers was a total God thing.  It was as if He said "Go", and the door flew open to an exciting opportunity to work for a Christian owned, education focused, client centered company that has given me so many awesome opportunities and friendships than I could ever have dreamed of.  I am thriving and learning new things everyday.  I never knew a salon liked this existed in my town.

On my very first week at the new place of employment, a friendly stylist (who I would later be her maid of honor) walked right up to me, introduced herself, and asked if I was single.  I said "yes".  She said, "Good,  because I have two guys for you, but you'll need to choose because they're roommates".  I was shocked.  My new friend of course showed me both guys' pictures.  I had thought to myself, "ooh...the one with dark hair is super attractive".  I informed the matchmaker standing before me that I am an old fashioned kind of girl.  Feel free to give them my number, but they have to initiate contact. 

6 weeks went by with no communication from either eligible bachelors.

I wasn't heartbroken.  I hadn't known any different.

The plane took off, and I was Israel bound, voyaging on a pilgrimage that would change my life forever.

While on a tour to the Western Wailing Wall, I had heard from God regarding my future as a wife.  A little background information on the wall:

          The wall is one of the holiest sites to the Jewish people.  It was part of King Herod's temple from over 2,000 years ago.  In 2 Chronicles 7:1-3, we learn that the glory of God filled the temple.  To touch a wall that the glory of God had filled, is an experience that can't be described by human words.  Many flock there on a daily basis to present their prayer requests to God.

In keeping with tradition, I wrote my prayer request on a small, yellow, square shaped piece of paper.  The request read:


I stepped back to catch my breath, and fully take in my surroundings.  I was standing on holy ground.  The layers upon layers of this wall told a story.  And God was the Author.  My thoughts quickly flashed  through the memories of my own story that God was writing.  Could I trust Him?  And His timing?  Indeed, I could.

My eyes were drawn up and to the left.  There was a dove (at least that's what I think it is?) setting on a ledge of the Western Wall.  She was all alone.  Moments later, her mate had come.  All the while, God was at work, making perfect provisions for her.

My heart was put at ease.  God had not forgotten me.  He had heard my plea, and was (and still is) writing my story.

While in Israel, it was discovered that one of the accompanying travelers was indeed the father of one of the eligible bachelors that my outgoing new friend was trying to set me up with.  (In the unfortunate case that I've lost you in  my ramblings, see beginning of this post).

Unbelievable!  The "coincidence" was too great to ignore.  Bachelor #1(the son of  the accompanying traveler) gave me a call.  We casually dated for a couple of short months...hardly worth mentioning, except that during that time frame, I got to know his roommate(remember Bachelor #2?) very well.  I adored his insight and outlook on life.  He was a believer and a very hard worker.  He was a two time cancer survivor, not taking a single breath for granted.  Remember the super attractive dark haired guy?  

The friendship we had was only just beginning.  Things ended with  Bachelor #1, and life went on.

Nearly a year had passed.  To my surprise, I received a call from Bachelor #2.  When I saw his number come up on my phone, there was a divine moment where I thought to myself:  "This is it".  I knew what his intentions were going to be...

With the hope of not exhausting you with all the details in one sitting, I will present this story in 2 parts.  Stay tuned for the conclusion!

May you be filled with hope and a peace that surpasses all understanding today!


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Bren said...

I am so excited to see a new post from you!!!! And can't wait to hear the rest of your story!!!